E-MDs Client is Nation’s First Physician Recipient of EHR Incentive Payment

Date Added: maj 23, 2011

Author: Michael.Young

AUSTIN, TEXAS — (JANUARY 14, 2011) – e‐MDs, an Austin-based company rated by physicians as the number #1 provider of electronic health records (EHR), recently made modern medical history. e-MDs client, Gastorf Family Clinic of Durant, Oklahoma is the nation’s first physician recipient of the electronic health records incentive payment program administered through Medicare.


The US medical system has been working in cooperation with the federal government to put into practice a nationwide implementation of electronic health records through the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). As an incentive to physicians, Medicare is offering a tiered payment plan based upon medical organizations adapting to the new standard. The first payments for the program were scheduled to be administered beginning the first of 2011.


e-MDs is nationally recognized as a leading provider of EHR solutions. The use of electronic health records is designed to provide for more accurate patient health delivery, more efficient and effective treatment options, and to reduce costs for physicians, and ultimately, patients themselves. Because e-MDs has vigorously worked over the past several years to prepare for this massive change, the company already had a number of their clients ready for the rollout.


“We feel honored that one of our clinics has been chosen by CMS to be the first ambulatory practice in the nation to receive incentive funds for the use of a certified EHR,” stated Michael Stearns, MD, President and CEO of e-MDs, Inc. “We look forward to working with the Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality and the Gastorf Family Clinic to help their providers qualify for additional incentives tied to the Meaningful Use of our certified EHR.”


In 2010, the standards that doctors and hospitals must meet to demonstrate meaningful use of their EHR systems were established. Physicians can receive as much as $44,000 over a five-year period through Medicare, and up to $63,750 over six years through Medicaid. To get the maximum incentive payment, Medicare eligible professionals must begin participation by 2012.

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