Why Leadership is Critical for Successful EHR Implementation

Date Added: maj 23, 2011

Author: Michael.Young


If you purchase an EHR system expecting to make tons of money without any additional work, you are setting yourself and your practice up for failure. EHR implementation is more likely to succeed if all staff involved can participate. Everyone in your practice plays a role in the implementation process, although some roles have more responsibility than others.


While the quality of your EHR technology is critical, people are the key to successful implementation and meaningful use of an EHR system. Success starts at the top with good leadership. A successful EHR implementation needs three types of leaders: a physician advocate, a CEO, and a project manager.

Physician Advocate

The physician advocate should be a well-respected clinician within your practice who is a great communicator and an enthusiastic supporter of the EHR system. They should be the driving force behind your practice’s motivation and passion for change. With the full support of the CEOand the rest of your practice’s senior management team, the physician advocate should be able to successfully lead implementation.


In a small practice the CEO and the physician advocate may be the same person. This often helps facilitate success with EHR implementation. In a larger practice, the CEO will need to be an unwavering supporter of the physician advocate with every mis-step and small triumph. They will help provide all needed resources and help remove any obstacles that hinder the implementation process.

Project Manager

The project manager plays a critical role in the EHR implementation outcome. Ideally, the project manager will have past experience managingEHR implementation. It is important to assign the project manager role to a trained and skilled person, experienced in managing complex information technology (IT) projects with overlapping timelines and multiple stakeholders. Large practices will need to hire or move someone to a full-time project manager role, while a smaller practice will most likely split this role between the office manager and an implementation manager assigned by the EHR vendor.

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