aimTape™ – pro.Dotz™

Date Added: april 2, 2010

Author: Andreas

Special produced teflon© dots that has been cut out in a shape so they fitt perfect under the feet of your computer mouse. They are made of 100% quality teflon© and it lasts along time.

What types of mice do they fit?
There is two models from wich you can choose. Each model fits a certain range of differnt mice. The two models there is are models for Logitch and Microsoft mice. You can be looking just below this text – see what types of mice fits to the two models.

Model MX-1

  • Logitech 500
  • Logitech 510
  • Logitech 518
  • Logitech 700
  • Logitech 900
  • Model MS-1

  • Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1
  • Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1 SE
  • Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0
  • Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0
  • Increased performance
    The smooth surface and reduction of friction gives you an enhanced experince when working with your mouse. It almost feels like it’s “flying” or sliding across your mousepad with almost no resistance. This sliding effect from the teflon© provides you with an increased accuracy and enhanced performance when using the mouse. This is well know in online gaming to be very important when playing in big tournaments aso.

    But also just if you use your mouse all day long at work or at home – you can fell the enhanced performance and lower stress levels on your wrist. Using a teflon© product under your mouse will give you a better handling of the mouse and therefore a better working inviroment. By using this product you also prevent the original mouse feet from getting worn down, forcing you to use your wrist even more or to buy a new mouse.

    How to use the pro.Dotz™…

    1. Clean the original mouse feet with the enclosed alcohol swab

    2. Wait until the mouse feet are dry again

    3. Take out the pro.Dotz™ & CAREFULLY peel off the liner on the back

    4. It is important that you do not touch the adhesive

    5. Place the pro.Dotz™ ontop of the original mouse feet

    6. When you have placed the pro.Dotz™ on the feet – press down on them firmly to secure them

    7. Now you can start feeling the improvement

    How long do they last?
    To give you an idea of how long they last when in use, we have had several users testing it to provide us with an idea of how long they last. The test users range from online gamers to regular working places so the test is pretty much allaround fitting. Just below this text you can see how good the tests performed on different surfaces. Remember that this only works as a guide to how long they last. It all depends on your usage of them…


    fUnc 1030 (smooth side)
    6 months or more

    fUnc 1030 (rough side)
    4 months or more

    Steelpad 4D (smooth side)
    3 months or more

    Steelpad 4D (rough side)
    2 months or more

    Steelpad Qck & Qck+
    10 months or more

    Icemat 2nd Edition
    5 months or more

    Icemat Regular
    4 months or more

    5 months or more

    Qpad low, medi & high sense
    9 months or more

    Steelpad 3S
    2 months or more

    Steelpad S&S (ru side)
    3 months or more

    Steelpad S&S (glatte side)
    4 months or more

    Steelpad 4S
    4 months or more

    Good to know…
    aimTape™ is best stored in a concieled plastic bag to avoid that the adhesive dryies to rapidly. It is also recommended that you keep it away from sunlight as this can have a drying effect on the adhesive and there is also a chance that the teflon© coating get discolored.