On overview of Search Engine Optimization with AuroIN

Date Added: januar 27, 2011

Author: Nigel Stevens


The term search engine optimisation (SEO) has been doing rounds in the internet and other forms of media for some time now. The begging question is do you actually understand search engine optimization and what it actually entails? This article is meant to shine some light to enlighten those of us not in the know and foster better understanding in those who already are conversant albeit slightly.

Search engine optimization can be described as the process of making more visible an already existing but otherwise invisible website. Invisible in this context means that your website does not rank high with the most used search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN search etc. It is also means customers cannot find your website based on the keywords of the products, information or services they input in their respective favourite search engines. The search engine optimization bark does not end with managing to get high rankings for websites within the search engines but it further goes on to ensure that your website provides the right information to boost your sales and in essence increase profits; after all isn’t that the reason you had your website created?

The search engine optimization process starts by conducting an audit on your website to establish its strengths and weaknesses in relation to the ranking requirements of search engines. This is promptly followed by finding the most suitable keywords that relate to your business. This also has to do with the keywords your competitors are using to get better exposure and how these keywords can be modified to bring your site into the picture. These keywords are then incorporated into your web pages carefully to ensure they fit and work well and not clash or dilute your pre existing content. A search engine optimization professional may recommend fresh content especially if your website architecture is badly off.

The editing of your text, inclusion of keywords, modification of Meta tags, title tags and page navigation to enable search engines understand your web pages, is all part of what is called “On Page” search engine optimization.

The other part of search engine optimization is link building. In this process, links are included and these direct the visitor to directory listings and references that provide more details of your products or services. These links go to press releases, blogs, social networking sites, article submission sites, forum postings etc and these further promote your product quality as the visitor gets to view feedback concerning your products.

Search engine optimization does not stop there; it further includes monitoring the results and making better ongoing recommendations about your site. The search engine optimization company of your choice also keeps you posted on the progress of your site and further any activities they are performing in relation to your site.

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