All You Wanted To Know About Automobiles And Engine Oil

Date Added: november 13, 2009

Author: Paul

Obtaining a motor vehicle is in many respects like getting a new friend. In order that your good relations lasted for a long time you have to take proper care of your car. All indispensable operations to be taken you’ll find in your engineering instruction. They depend on mileage and your type of driving. Car maintenance is not a complicated technical job, and even a novice with minimal automobile-related knowledge can also do it with no problems. Basically an average maintenance schedule may be presented in the following way.
After your motor vehicle passed three thousand miles change gear oil and filter. Remember that you should fulfill this operation every 3 000 to 4 000 miles. Together with the operation of gear oil change check the level of fluids, tire pressure, air filter, belts and hoses. Take control of battery terminals and cables to avert corrosion.
After five to ten thousand miles it is high time to fulfill the maintenance of tires – they should be rotated and balanced regularly. It will provide a uniform wear of tires and will extend the tenure of their exploitation. Take into account that tires in better condition should be put on the front axle. Ascertain that tire pressure is normal and that there isn’t any sign of uneven wear.
The air filter needs to be changed every fifteen thousand miles. It’ll decrease the amount of fuel input. It is also time to check brake shoes, pads and fluid level. You may also change windshield wipers and check the axel boots and shock-absorbers.
At thirty thousand miles you should change the motor oil and filter. Motor oil is a very important substance for motor vehicle living. Its main destination is to lubricate moving parts, oil also prevents corrosive process, improves sealing and cools the engine by taking heat away from moving parts. That’s the reason why the selection of motor oil and its well-timed change is vitally important for a harmonious work of your motor-car.
Don’t be lazy to take good care of your automobile and it’ll serve you for a long time. By fulfilling regular servicing on your motor-car you will not only save money on automobile repair, but also enjoy safe and pleasant driving.