Clitoris – direct & indirect stimulation

Date Added: november 23, 2009

Author: Henk

With more than 8, 000 nerve endings, the clitoris is the only organ in the human body that exists exceptionally for sexual pleasure. During sexual stimulation and orgasm, the genital organs enlarges and alters colour because of the blood inflow to the organs, and a female experience vaginal muscle contractions. The recent study has proved that women can experience a sustained strong orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris and stay in the orgasmic phase for a lot longer than it was assumed some decades ago.
The stimulation of this small sex organ is the main key to female climax. Thus, if the clitoris is disregarded during lovemaking, a woman is unlikely to experience sexual satisfaction. The thing is that the vagina has got an insignificant number of nerve endings. In fact, the deeper inside you penetrate, the fewer receptors are there.
The clitoris can be stimulated either directly or indirectly ( is a treasure house of valuable information on clitoral stimulation). The indirect stimulation can occur when the male pubic bone exerts pressure on the clitoris while the male thrusts or when the penis rubs against the outer genitalia which are placed near the clitoris and, so, during rubbing will send an impulse to the erogenous zone. Yet, statistics say that few females orgasm when the clitoris is stimulated indirectly.
The main techniques of direct clitoral stimulation are oral stimulation, stimulation with fingers and stimulation with adult toys.
Oral stimulation, also called oral sex or cunnilingus, is one of the most efficient techniques to stimulate the clitoris. Actually, some women acknowledge that it is the only way they can experience orgasm.
The tongue can be used with expert precision. It can be hard or soft, and saliva is a perfect natural lubricant.
Though it is not as good or arousing as oral sex, manual stimulation is very gratifying.
Adult sex toys offer maximal clitoral stimulation. Many are designed to tease the clitoral zone with vibrations. They come in diverse shapes and sizes, but all of them provide gratifying sensations.
Yet, there have been several examples when due to the excessive deployment of the vibrator toys females desensitized receptors of the genitals, which made further usage of the vibrator toys obligatory to climax. Women become addicted to vibrator stimulation and cannot have an orgasm during sex with a partner. Therefore, the vibrator should be used rationally as a helpful device for clitoral stimulation.