Basic Principles Of Torrent Protocols

Date Added: november 14, 2009

Author: Derek

Torrent is a peer-to-peer network environment used for distributing large amounts of files. It is one of the most widely used protocols for distribution of data.
A torrent means a torrent meta-data file or all files described by it and contains metadata about all the files it makes downloadable. Meta-data files aren’t storaged on the torrent host site, but are disseminated among many torrent tracker sites. Each torrent file guides to a trackers site, which centrally manages the P2P transfer of files among users and keeps track of all the downloaders and givers of the certain file. One host server can manage simultaneous downloads of multiple files. Clicking on a link pointing to the torrent meta-file, a user obtains from the tracker a list of peers having a part of the requested file, with whom it is possible to establish a direct connection to exchange chunks of the file.
A file downloadable via Torrent is a seed. A person who has the entire file and uploads or seeds it back to the web is known as a Seeder. The more seeders, the better.
A leecher is someone who downloads, or leeches, the file from the presently available seeds. As new leechers connect to the web and request the same file, their PC obtains a different piece of the data from the seeder. As soon as several seeders have several pieces of the seed, they can become a source for that part of the file. Thus, the task gets disseminated among the seeder and many leechers, which easens the initial user.
After the file is downloaded by a given peer, the latter is able to become an extra seed, helping the remaining peers to obtain the entire file.
Due to the nature of Torrent, files can be spread very quickly. For a secure and quick download, choose the torrents with more seeders than leechers, and visit the comments section, if available. It will preclude you from downloading low quality or infected data. It should be mentioned, however, that torrent trackers are less prone to viruses than PEER-TO-PEER programs.
Make sure that you let your torrent-downloaded file seed so that you get a ratio of at least 1.0. This ratio means that you have seeded a file in exchange for the downloaded one. Some tracker servers keep track of the quantity of data each user uploads and downloads, and a poor ratio can be penalized with a low download speed. Furthermore, disconnecting as soon as the file is downloaded is a violation of the idea of cooperation, which is the integral principle of Torrent.