Helpful Hints On Get Things Done System

Date Added: november 19, 2009

Author: Enrico

Sometimes there are moments when we need much more than twenty four hours to cope with all our tasks to do. In most situations we have time to fulfil just urgent tasks, and every day we hear a certain number of complaints that there is no time to meet friends, or to visit the family, or even to allot a couple of hours to ourselves.
Is that familiar to you? Imagine you can slow down the time. It is possible if you know three simple recommendations listed below.
1. Don’t put off your things to do.
Procrastination isn’t only putting off all the tasks, sometimes it’s just failure to give priority when people persuade themselves that the small things they do are very important, but putt off those duties that are really require to be done. It occurs if these duties aren’t very pleasant, or in case a person does not know where to start.
Remember that procrastination doesn’t solve your problems, it may only make them worse. That is why it’s logical to make a schedule of your urgent tasks in order of decreasing importance, and begin with the most essential duties. Do not put off essential duties till late evening, it is just a psychological trick.
2. Difficult duties are to be carried out first.
In case you have two or more tasks with same priority, start with the most difficult task. It is human nature to procrastinate the duties that seem complicated or unpleasant. It’s not reasonable both because you waste your time and because the longer you wait the more impracticable the duty would seem. That’s why be honest to yourself, and start with complicated duties.
3. If it’s possible do a number of tasks at once.
Pay attention to the words: if it’s possible. For instance, the situation on the road needs your concentration, that’s why don’t try to solve your business troubles on the phone while driving. It’s a good idea to combine mental tasks with mechanical ones. When you need to water the flowers or to do the dishes, you may begin with these duties while talking on the phone. But be sure that your efforts to multitask do not slow down your activity.
Try these suggestions on practice, and you’ll save a lot of time. But still, take into consideration that no strategy will work if you waste time on unproductive things. Now and then we tell ourselves that we will look aside just for a minute but then we find it even more complicated to concentrate on our obligations. A famous proverb says: business before pleasure.