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Date Added: marts 25, 2011

Author: Star Jhons

It’s your Anniversary again, and you have no idea what gift to give. It’s the same story every year. You run out the night before (or morning of), searching for something “meaningful” and significant enough to serve as a symbol of your love and dedication to that special loved one. For some, selecting an Anniversary gift is a dreaded, but for others it is a fun shopping trip to treat their loved one with something meaningful, symbolic, and different from the previous year.

While it is unknown exactly what percentage of consumers adheres to the Traditional Anniversary Gifts outline suggested by Emily Post in 1922, it is assumed that many couples still turn to this list when selecting unique gifts each year. This original list suggests specific gift mediums for the first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, and finally the fiftieth year. Emily Post expanded the list in 1957 to include individual years, and it was intended that the original lists assist couples in building up basic household staples (as if a Ruby or Pearl is a household staple-but hey, that’s a discussion for another day). Nowadays, many couples turn to a list of Modern Anniversary Gifts, which has many of the same suggestions as Emily Post, but on different years. The Traditional Anniversary Gifts list is often more specific, suggesting gifts such as silverware, desk sets, and clocks on their respective years.

Overall, it doesn’t seem to matter what Anniversary Gifts List you pick—Modern or Traditional—the purpose remains the same. Anniversary Gift lists assist couples in picking a variety of presents throughout the years, so that couples don’t get stuck on the same items—such as flowers, a necklace, or a box of chocolates year after year. After all, that’s what Valentine’s Day is for!

For example, lets say you’ve been married four years. The Traditional Anniversary Gift list suggests fruit or flowers for your Fourth Anniversary Gift. Let’s say you settle on a combination of the two, gifting your loved one an Edible Arrangement of fruits cut into flowers! Done!

However, your Fifth Anniversary is just around the corner, and “Wood Anniversary Gifts” is much broader, leaving many possibilities! How do you begin to narrow down your millions of wood choices? You could gift them a brand new dinner table, dresser, or wood workshop. But if you’re like most couples, you’ve cut back your gift budget, and you instead want to select a wood gift that is much more affordable, and won’t require you to redecorate your home or garage. In an effort to stay within a reasonable price range, many couples have turned to unique, and small functional Fifth Anniversary gifts such as Wood Pens or Wood Watches. While these can be purchased for under $150, they are gifts can be used daily, and serve as a constant reminder of their spouse’s love and commitment.

If you use an Anniversary Gift list when selecting gifts each year, you will be miles ahead of others who have no guidance or direction when choosing that special Anniversary Gift. I would recommend that you simply use the gift lists as inspiration (not law), and feel free to swap between the Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gift lists as you choose (for example, if you don’t feel “Silverware” for the Modern Fifth Anniversary gift is your thing, turn to the Fifth Anniversary Wood Gift from the Traditional List)! The most important thing is that you find a unique and original way to say “I Love You” on that special Anniversary each year!

About the Author:

Alisa Lybbert has been a retailer in the gift industry for eight years, and sells wood Anniversary gifts, including wood watches, on her website, She can be reached at 801-210-1510, or by the email contact form on her website.