Port of Hafnarfjordur

Date Added: november 18, 2010

Author: Jan Nordic

Looking for an enjoyable and unique place to visit? Look no further. Take a break in Hafnarfjördur, the warm-hearted town in the lava, just south of Iceland’s capital Reykjavík.

Hafnarfjördur’s name simply means ‘harbour fjord’ and refers to the excellent natural harbour, which has Iceland’s longest history of continuous port trade – since the 1300s.

Hafnarfjördur is Iceland’s third-largest town, with just over 25,000 residents. And yet that number is open to debate, since legend has it that many of Iceland’s elves and hidden people live in Hafnarfjördur’s lava cliffs and rocks, in peaceful coexistence with the town’s human residents. In fact, it is possible to tour the elf lands, and those with second sight may even be lucky enough to spot one or two!

Naturally the town also offers plenty of more conventional outdoor activities, from golf and swimming to horse riding. Museums and galleries turn the spotlight on history, music and visual arts. And every summer hordes of Norsemen invade the town for the annual Viking Festival.