The Montana of Greece is its northwest corner, with the spectacular Vikos Gorge.

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Epirus, the northwest corner of Greece is the place to find cold crystalline rivers that flow through glorious oak-clad mountains and held a lot of wild trout. It is a fisherman’s paradise. Epirus offers freestone streams and limestone streams. It is the Montana of Greece.

Fishing the area’s limestone streams requires skill. The water is clear as pane glass, and the brown trout are easily spooked.

Aoos, Voidomatis and Kalarritikos rivers are excellent places for fly fishing.

Both Aoos and Voidomatis are part of the 49 Zagoria Villages area forming one of the most picturesque mountainous places in Europe.

Ioannina, the capital of Epirus can be reached on a 45-minute flight from Athens or by car (a five to six hour drive).

The Zagoria Villages known also as the Villages of the Vikos Gorge Area can be reached by car on a distance from half to one hour drive from Ioannina. The village of Aristi is a good choice to stay (f.e. Aristi Mountain Resort ) to reach the beautiful mountainous landscape. The hotel is one of the Green Hotels of Greece ( and offers you a luxury stay at one of the best Mountain Resorts of Greece being in the heart of the Vikos Gorge Area and not more than one hour’s drive from the most remote of the Zagorohoria villages.

There are several easy to difficult paths to walk on or climb. The two spectacular mountains of the area i.e. Gamila (also known as Timphi Complex) and Smolikas form the Aoos Canyon and offer many peaks over 2000 meters for people who like mountain and rock climbing.

On both mountains, Gamila nad Smolikas, and on a height of about 2000 meters over sea level, small alpine lakes called Drakolimni (it means drake’s lake) form a spectacular place to visit and an excellent place to see the tritons (small creatures living only in these few alpine lakes) About Author

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