A look at what HGH healthcare providers offer

Date Added: februar 14, 2011

Author: Brain Reed

Valid HGH doctors are endocrinologists who are professionally qualified specialists in the area of internal medicine. These experts specialize on the endocrine glands which are the organs of the body responsible for producing the HGH human growth hormone as well as other important substances. The foremost of these glands is the pituitary gland and it is only a well trained endocrinologist who can understand this gland’s functions, HGH production capabilities and what the consequences of an anomaly in this hormone’s production can be.

There are some human conditions that can effectively be taken care of through HGH human growth hormone therapy and one of these is growth hormone deficiency. In adults there are a plethora of symptoms that exhibit this condition including irregular blood sugar levels, decreasing levels of energy, weakness, muscle loss and increased body fat. HGH doctors having observed these symptoms can prescribe an appropriate human growth therapy preferably by injection which if successfully administered will result in rejuvenated muscle strength, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, healthier blood sugar levels, higher energy levels and better emotional health.

Over time, health professionals and consumers alike have determined that the aforementioned symptoms of HGH human growth hormone deficiency are somewhat alike to the host of conditions that come with aging. This inference has since resulted in more detailed researches into the application of HGH therapy to not only take care of these symptoms but to possibly curtail aging. As a consequence of these studies we now have a divide separating endocrinologists and other ‘HGH doctors’ based on the lack of solid reliable medical evidence and the predicaments that come with providing hormone therapy via injections.

With regards to the issue of medical evidence it must be said that trials performed have illustrated the positive effects possible with HGH human growth hormone therapy. These trials have however not proved that such therapy can either perform better than other treatment courses to take care of the said conditions or indeed prolong peoples’ lives. Qualified HGH doctors i.e. endocrinologists have okayed the administration of these hormonal injections to alleviate the highlighted medical conditions but not as a panacea for aging.

Alternative HGH doctors are known to provide HGH human growth hormone treatment via two approaches. Some, having concluded that aging can be stopped via hormone replacement, administer expensive but non-approved injection therapy. The other group is aligned with healthcare professionals including homeopaths and naturopaths who provide non-injection dietary supplements aimed at stimulating the pituitary gland into producing more quantities of natural HGH.

The final decision as to what course of action to follow is however fully dependent on the consumer – it is best to be thoroughly informed about any of these alternatives first.

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