Date Added: december 16, 2010

Author: Stephen Jones

IMGENEX is an innovative and progressive antibody and reagent company that has to its name a wide array of custom antibodies services built to suit the needs of the progressing life science industry. Over the last ten years we have gained a lot of experience in the field of antibodies and we are proud to have a catalogue with over 10,000 products thanks to our scientists who have proven to have the necessary skills and tools needed for antigen design, production and testing. The IMGENEX team is always ready to offer assistance and consultation to your project.

IMGENEX has the most comprehensive, easy to decipher and understand custom antibodies services thanks to the vast experience we have gained while working with customers from different industries and diverse research backgrounds. The Custom Polyclonal Antibodies suite is one of the major flag bearers of IMGENEX custom antibodies services.

One of the advantages of using custom polyclonal antibodies services is advanced technology. This is reflected in the advanced custom peptide synthesis using Preditope™ which is an IMGENEX developed multiparametric epitope mapping algorithm. Out of our vast knowledge in custom antibodies development over the last ten years, we have developed an Optimized 10 week protocol for custom polyclonal antibodies production. This protocol involves seven immunisations and three production bleeds. This protocol has displayed maximum immune response from the host.

Custom polyclonal antibodies services are flexible in that they are able to meet the needs of every customer as a result of working with scientists from different backgrounds. IMGENEX is therefore able to offer custom antibodies services that are flexible, open, and offered at no hidden costs to our customers. After you receive the antibodies/production bleeds, IMGENEX maintains your animal for 15 days and suppose you need to extend your project thereafter, we gladly offer this service and it covers 2 production bleeds and 2 immunizations per animal per month.

The other advantage of IMGENEX is that you get to have expert advice whenever you contact our experienced scientific personnel to consult about your custom antibodies project. We are also committed to keeping you posted on the achievements and developments in your project. Details concerning the custom peptide synthesis and conjugation, immunizations, bleed, purification and testing are normally given to the customer.

Our prices are very affordable as you can get custom antibodies specific to your antigen at only $650 for 60-90 ml sera from two rabbits.

IMGENEX also gives a guarantee for your custom polyclonal antibody specificity in Elisa testing with peptides synthesised by IMGENEX.

IMGENEX assures the confidentiality of your custom antibodies and custom peptide synthesis project remains your property and that all custom polyclonal antibodies and the remaining unconjugated peptides are all delivered to you.