Date Added: december 16, 2010

Author: Stephen Jones

IMGENEX is a well renowned and leading provider of tools necessary for the study of cellular responses. We take pride in the vast experience we have in the manufacture of reagents and in the development of assay systems and applications needed in the study of pathways of cellular response especially those concerned with Immune Receptors with focus largely on the Toll-like Receptors (TLRs).

IMGENEX has in the last twelve years developed a large product listing based on the field of Toll-like Receptors and slightly diversified to include Inflammation and Immunology in order to provide an advanced research which accelerates the increased interest in applied research in the borders of biology. The integration of screening services is crucial in verifying and gaining more insight into the vital role that Toll-like Receptors play in the shaping and regulation of cellular and immune responses thereby appreciating TLR’s as tuneable sights necessary for controlling these responses.

The provision of screening services is poised to assist in the discovery of new, more particular and more powerful TLR agonists or antagonists as this is an area of great interest for companies that intend to commercially develop monitoring response diagnostics or in therapeutics as curative drugs or prophylactic/preventive drugs.

IMGENEX Screening Services will partner with us to help achieve our objectives through the provision of their expertise in the field of cell signalling which is well orchestrated by their wide range of products already in the market. IMGENEX is itself already widely known and respected as the key player in cell signalling pathways with the main interest being in NF-kB related signalling pathways that are directly linked to Inflammation and Immune Signalling Pathways.

With the help of IMGENEX Screening Services, our objective of partnering with you is to facilitate a better running of your research and development of products while helping you meet your specific objectives economically and efficiently in relation to your desired scope, timetable and resources available.

In TLR and Inflammatory Ligand Discovery Screen, screening services are vital in the identification of the ligands that bind to TLR’s or serve to induce inflammatory pathways. This is in turn helps to understand the underlying agents which start the inflammatory response process. IMGENEX screening services applies the read techniques that IMGENEX has developed and optimized to key out inflammatory responsiveness.

IMGENEX screening services will largely assist in potential projects such as Discovery of TLR binding and other pro-inflammatory ligands which feature microbial origin, self or endogenous ligands, and normal and disease states.