IMGENEX Screening Services Portfolio

Date Added: december 16, 2010

Author: Stephen Jones


IMGENEX is a recognized leader in providing tools for the study of cellular responses. We have experience in the manufacture of reagents and application development and test systems for the study of cellular response pathways, especially pathways related to immune receptors with emphasis on Toll-like receptors . Over the last twelve years IMGENEX has developed a broad portfolio of products in the field of Toll-like receptors (TLR), and related areas of inflammation and immunology, providing advanced research to accelerate the increase in the volume of applied research in these areas of biology. Along with their essential role in the development and regulation of cellular immune responses and recognition of Toll-like receptors as targets tunable to control these responses. Identifying new, more specific TLR agonists and antagonists or more powerful is an area of interest to companies with the intent for the commercial development of diagnostics to monitor response, or interested in the therapeutic prophylactic or curative medicines.

To meet these goals we offer our new screening services IMGENEX as a partner with expertise in cell signaling, as evidenced by the portfolio of marketed products. We are recognized as authorities in cell signaling pathways, particularly in the field of NF-kB related signaling pathways that are directly related to inflammation and immune signaling pathways.

With the screeningl services of IMGENEX our goal is to become your partner in accelerating your research efforts and product development and meet your specific objectives effectively and economically in accordance with the scope, resources and structure the desired time.