Polyclonal Antibody to MIB2

Date Added: april 8, 2011

Author: Stephen Jones

Researchers have indicated that they want access to novel target antibodies quickly to aid in their research. IMGENEX is therefore pleased to be able to offer researchers access to products that are not fully characterized or validated. IMGENEX IMX antibodies are shown by Peptide ELISA to bind to the peptide used as immunogen. Investigators should empirically determine the suitability of the antibody, including optimal dilutions, for other applications of interest.

  • We cannot guarantee that the IMX antibody will work in any application other than in a Peptide ELISA against the peptide used as immunogen and therefore can not offer a refund if the antibody does not work in your application.

  • IMX antibodies are offered at a lower price compared to more highly validated antibodies.

  • We are not able to provide the peptide used as immunogen for IMX antibodies.

As IMX antibodies are not fully validated we appreciate your feedback. Customer feedback is used to help generate testing methodologies which can lead to further product validation or withdrawal.

E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase MIB2 is both a Notch Signaling Pathway and Ubl conjugation pathway protein. It contains nine ANK repeats, two MIB/HERC2 domains, two RING-type zinc fingers and one ZZ-type zinc finger. MIB2 protein has an E3 ubiquitin ligase activity in its C-terminal RING domain and interacts with Xenopus Delta (XD) via the N-terminal region. MIB2 is also able to ligate ubiquitin to XD and shift the membrane localization of Delta to intracellular vesicles. MIB2 rescues both the neuronal and vascular defects in the zebrafish mib (ta52b) mutants. It is also reported that MIB2 acts sequentially in myoblast fusion and sacromeric stability by two separable processes.

Amino acids 115-131 of human MIB2 DQGTRTNYRAGYQGAHD protein were used as the immunogen.