TLR & Inflammatory Pathway Analysis

Date Added: december 16, 2010

Author: Stephen Jones

Soluble mediators, interferons, cytokines and chemokines are expressed and developed in the framework of the cascade pro-inflammatory because of the NF-kB activation or IRF. Knowledge of specific receptors activated, the active channel and the mediator sets produced provide valuable information on how to control the response.

The analysis of pro-inflammatory mediator produced sets can be measured in a variety of both qualitative and quantitative tests as part of our testing services.

IMGENEX staff have pioneered the development and commercialization of tests for the analysis and measurement of mediators, cytokines, chemokines and interferons. Some of these platforms include products intracellular flow cytometry, bead arrays, ELISPOT and ICC. The possibility of combining this extensive knowledge and expertise is a natural complement to our portfolio monitoring services. At IMGENEX, we have developed and commercialized several reading systems that we developed and validated by research as a mediator, particularly in the inflammatory response.

The recently introduced TLR / NF-kB stably transfected cell lines, and other primary cells, allowing the identification of certain TLRs and inflammatory signaling pathways by measurements of mediator. Again, products like our IMGENEX cell lines, assays ActivELISA factors such as TNF, IFN, and PGE2, flow cytometry reagents for IC staining of mediators and inhibitors of peptide allow us to transfer our expertise to your project requirements.