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About C4pain

C4Pain is the only research based international CRO / CRU focusing entirely on pain and inflammation. C4Pain is the one partner from Phase I to Phase IV. The scientific staff behind C4Pain has published more than 1600 scientific papers and has more than 25 years of experience in the field. C4Pain offers a comprehensive mechanism based drug screening program where modulation of pain and inflammatory mechanisms are evaluated quantitatively by the most advanced human bio-markers.

C4Pain’s technological platform of advanced translational pain bio-markers and surrogate pain models provides the basis for mechanism based proof-of-concept studies in healthy volunteers and pain patients.
The surrogate models are unique as healthy volunteers may transiently experience the same symptoms (e.g. hyperalgesia or allodynia) as pain patients. Surrogate models may therefore act as proxies for clinical symptoms/mechanisms and the effect of compounds on such manifestations can be evaluated quantitatively.
Proof-of-concept studies in small groups of volunteers or selected patient populations help target validation of new and existing compounds for the treatment of various pain and inflammatory conditions.


Proof-of-concept, Pain study, Pain biomarkers, Clinical trials

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