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Do you have a business and need an attractive website? Are looking to advertise your business online but unsure how to proceed? You can find all the help you need right here on this site. For any business to be a success in today’s technologically advanced world a business and no website spells failure. Excellent web design is the catchword of today’s business success! If the company can provide graphic design, flash design and SEO services you should choose them without hesitation!

Now small business owners cannot afford high web design costs that’s a given! The market is filled with professionals who will do a good job quickly and more importantly at a lower cost. How to find these services to avail them is the next question. The first step is to use a search engine to find inexpensive web design or something similar.

Tips on Finding Inexpensive Web Design Services

The following tips will be helpful in assisting you in your search for an inexpensive yet good quality web design company. The last thing you want is to be so focused on cheap that you bypass quality and content and have to regret later.

* Finding the Web Design Company to do the job is the first step. Use a search engine toe help you find inexpensive web design companies. You can get the company contact information and start calling round till you find the web design company that suits both your requirements and budget. Don’t forget to check about the additional services like graphic design, flash design and SEO services.

* Apart from the online listings try ebay, yellow pages, friends, advertise online and any other resources you can think of to get hold of a professional.

* Do not pay any money up front or just based on verbal confirmation that the job is done. Protocol demands that you pay only after you have approved the site.

* There are three areas you need to focus on: inexpensive Web Design, Internet Marketing, and Logo Design. Web design is the cornerstone of having an online presence while online marketing and logo design go hand in hand with having a website.

* Find the professionals who are free lancing in the web design market. If you can get a recommendation better still. These persons need to build a portfolio so their prices are very reasonable. Their prices only go up once they achieve a certain level of experience.

Checking the end results of your web design results

Here are some tips on what to check for once your company web design has been completed. These tips will help you not to be cheated into accepting something that is poor in quality and a loss to your pocket.

1. If you have a fantastically designed web site that takes forever to load you’ve lost the business! This is the number one tip to follow. Optimize your designs for the web and make sure that it does not take longer than 15 seconds to load.
2. Navigation is the second most important aspect of a good web design. Once the visitor is at your site you need him to stay with the site and to do this you need to have clear navigation. Place all your important links in prominent or high visibility places.
3. Design your site to cover all different resolutions. You can do this by designing your site in terms of percentage rather than in terms of pixels.
4. Next you need to ensure that your site is browser compatible. Check that your web site looks good in Netscape and Internet Explorer, which are the main ones.
5. Readable and professional looking fonts – keep to common and professional web fonts. Try to stick to Arial or something similar that gives the professional look.
6. Avoid cluttering your page with big, bulky images that take ages to load. Try using tables creatively and design eye-catching icons to draw your visitor’s attention.
7. Your web site will be useless if you have broken links – always do checks for broken links within your site before you upload to your web server.

To summarize, if you follow the tips listed above to first, find an inexpensive web design service for your business and second, check the end product to ensure you are not paying for rubbish, you can have a very well designed web site that will attract visitors and prosper your business.

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