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Watermark on PDF file software can insert stamp (texts such as DRAFT, CONFIDENTIAL, or even your company’s name) to PDF files quickly and easily. User can set the font size, style, color, adjust image size, crop image, web link on watermark, angle rotation and position. It has multiple settings and options like specify watermark on selected pages only, set Watermark Position (Left, Right, Top, Middle, Center, Bottom, Horizontal, Vertical), Font Size, Font Style, Font Color, change image size, modify PDF Meta information, add password security, etc. Create text string or image watermarking on any page of PDF documents, by using available options like on First page, Last page, Odd / Even pages, all pages or any custom pages (1,5,7-10) only. Easy to stamp necessary remarks like Successful, Passed, Cancel, Absolute, Pending, Tested or add image etc. To insert a watermark on your PDF files is to mark you PDF documents as your copyrighted property. It can also support secure password encrypted PDF documents.

* Very simple to put text or image watermark on any page of PDF files.
* Create stamp on above the content, below the content or replace the content.
* User can select the area of PDF to put watermark on it.
* Set the watermark text font style, color, size, angle rotation and position.
* Adjust watermark image size.
* Add Web URL on watermark.
* Make stamp on first, last, odd, even, all or any defined pages (2, 5, 10-20) of PDF files.
* Change PDF Meta properties like Title, Author, Subject and Keywords.
* Protect your PDF files to apply password on it.
* Option to make individual PDF files or single PDF file of all the listed PDFs.
* Add prefix and suffix with output file names.
* Works with Windows 7, Vista and XP.
* Support both 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

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