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Word text to speech software allows your computer to speak any text aloud to you with natural speaking voices. Listen to text document files, instead of straining your eyes. A speaker menu and speed control slider is available. Users without much computer knowledge can easily use it. Text speaker utility can read your clipboard text data from any file loudly, or you can convert them into WAV format for listening, anytime and anywhere just open a file and click speak button to hear it, understandable human sounding voices just click save as button to create a WAV file for future to listen. Program supports both 32 bit and 64 bit computer. Word document reader application reads all type of text content like PDF, eBook, Word, Excel, Notepad, html, WebPages, RTF, Plain Text, WordPad, Email, RSS Feeds and save it to wav format. You can easily play this file in future using iPod, mp3 player, PC audio players etc. Clipboard to talking creator maker utility make compose change build convert all type of text content into wave audio file. Now you can hear text documents spoken in your native language since Email reader tool has word processing features, you can make generate produce and edit text files without the need of any other program.

* Listen to the text data copied to the clipboard immediately.
* Text to speech converter utility speaks your text document and HTML files clearly and loudly.
* Program supports all computer voices.
* Text to speak application converting your text content into spoken sound file.
* Read text from Internet Explorer, Word, Outlook and other text based programs.
* Save speech as compressed WAV files.
* Word to sound tool has very simple, easy to use and user friendly interface.
* Notepad reader tool works with Windows 7 Ultimate, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista.

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