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Date Added: februar 7, 2011

Author: David Deverson



Normal travel insurance policies cover people going for holidays and business related activities. People going for adventures and discoveries in deserts, forests and mountain areas for extended periods in a year or more need a much more comprehensive travel policy. For such people the backpackers travel insurance policy is the perfect answer. These types of adventures are activity filled and thus the risks involved are significant. With this in mind, backpacking insurance firms have put an age limit of 51 years to ascertain that policy holders are fit enough to undertake this energy filled gruesome trips. Nevertheless, most backpackers are normally students.

These trips into the unknown carry many uncertainties and thus one can never really ascertain the funds required to get by. Following the tight budget considerations involved, most people headed for adventure are after cheap backpackers travel insurance in order to save some monies for the trip itself. Due to the risks involved, an appropriate backpacking insurance should be able to cover most if not all mishaps that may occur during the trip.

The first concern that comes with going away for extended periods is health. Normal medical insurance policies may not cover people while abroad or in distant lands and therefore your backpacker policy should ideally be able to cover emergency medical expenses e.g. hospital bills and evacuation.

Risks of death, loss of limbs or vision, and even total disablement are always imminent especially when engaging in adventurous activities such as bungee diving, mountain climbing, canoeing, hunting and so forth. Compensation for losses of this nature is provided in backpacking insurance under personal accident cover.

Loss of valuables, passports, documents and money through theft or otherwise is always a matter of concern. The breakdown of your backpackers travel insurance policy should help you know the maximum sums insured and excess per claim for every possession you intend to carry with you to the trip.

You should be careful to include personal liability cover in your backpackers travel insurance policy. This will be very helpful in circumstances where you accidentally cause grievous bodily harm to someone outside your travelling party or destroy property belonging to the same. Such situations may require legal representation and thus some backpacking insurance policies include legal expenses cover.

Despite all the preparations for your trip, including paying deposits, mishaps such as sudden health problems including those of your family members may cause you to cancel the trip. In such occurrences, a cancellation cover in your backpacking policy will indemnify you some of the trip’s expenses. Cheap backpacking insurance policies can easily be obtained online, just make sure your backpackers travel insurance firm of choice offers reliable 24/7 support because there are many con insurance firms online.


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