Have You Thought About Annual Holiday Insurance?

Date Added: februar 7, 2011

Author: David Deverson

There of those of us lucky to have more than two holidays abroad every year. This can be very exciting as much as it is dangerous because while we are away on travel is when we are most vulnerable. The best thing to do then is to have some form of insurance just so that we can have some peace of mind and enjoy the holidays. The single holiday insurance is not effective for people who travel on holiday severally hence came the annual holiday insurance. By picking this yearly holiday policy, you have once and for all covered all the holiday travels you will have for a whole year.

Now that we have that we have discovered the annual holiday insurance, we need to fully detail ourselves with what it covers. First we have to know that people of different ages are insured differently. Typically, for people up to the age of sixty five, this policy provides cover for up to 120 days per single trip. The trip duration reduces gradually for persons between sixty six and seventy four with the latter age being the age limit for those ages accommodated in this yearly holiday policy.

The best time to sign up for this policy is not the date when the holiday begins but rather immediately you have made travel and accommodation reservations. This way, if you have to cancel the trip due to you or a member of your family falling ill or be involved in accident on your way to the airport, the annual holiday insurance will see you reimbursed for the non refundable costs of your holiday through the cancellation cover.

The annual holiday insurance adequately covers you and your family’s health while abroad. This is especially so because most medical covers we already have will not cover us once we cross borders into another country. Some countries will also not provide medical assistance to foreigners until some form of insurance cover is provided to ensure them of payment of their medical services. This yearly holiday policy can also cover repatriation, dental among other medical expenses.

Suppose you are involved in accident while on your holiday, this insurance can also cover for loss of an eye or limbs, permanent total disablement and even death. Other covers available in the annual holiday insurance include loss of personal possessions including baggage, valuables, spectacles, personal money, passport and documents. Other covers include travel delay, cattery fees, personal liability, legal expenses, hijack, mugging etc.

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