NTA Inc Receives Approval from New Orleans as a Product Certification Agency

Date Added: maj 30, 2011

Author: Bill Dons


The Amendments to the 2006 City of New Orleans Ordinance section 103.13 for Research Reports, states supporting data where necessary to assist in the approval of materials or assemblies not specifically provided in this code, shall consist of valid research reports from approved sources. Product Evaluation Reports, as listed by ICC-ES, could be used to consider alternate materials or methods for acceptance and shall be referenced on the plans submittal package submitted for obtaining the permit.

On January 13, 2011, NTA, Inc. appealed the City of New Orleans 2006 Amendment to the New Orleans Building Code section 103.13. NTA discussed the details of an ISO Guide 65 accreditations held by ICC-ES and NTA and requested that the ordinance be updated to address NTA as a recognized Certification agency.

The Board voted unanimously to approve this request and ruled to accept certification reports from NTA, Inc. NTA strives to work with all jurisdictions on options for approving building code alternate materials with the use of our ISO Guide 65 accreditation and providing information to building departments on how this is accepted.

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