6 good reasons why you should try a Homestay in Delhi

Date Added: februar 24, 2011

Author: Cinnamonstays

We can visit a new country as tourists and not know a thing more than what’s available in the guide books.

Local Insights. But one evening spent with the locals in their homes can give us a plethora of insights. Insights into local food habits, local culture, their dreams and aspirations, the little known by lanes and the cafes, the local artists and the handicrafts and much more…

Your stay in a good homestay will give you enough stories about the host city and its culture to last a lifetime! And no holiday package, no hotel (however grand and reliable it might be) in the world can give this first hand flavour. It’s completely safe. But isn’t staying in a stranger’s home in a foreign city a bit dangerous? Yes, it definitely might have been in the past but today social media and recommendation hubs like Trip Advisor assure you that the B&B/ home stay has adequate traveller reviews. This takes care of any safety concerns that one may have. The detailed information about the place and the hosts clear almost all your queries and doubts.

Comfort of a hotel without straining the budget. A good homestay in Delhi today can give one all the comforts that one expects out of a good hotel without straining one’s budget.
A good homestay offers Wi-Fi internet, hot and cold water, attached private bathroom, a quiet neighbourhood, easy access to cabs and local transport and meals to your palate!

Home away from home. Besides the homely touch ensures that unlike the lonely hotel room, there is a family to talk to and give genuine feedback, advice and help whenever needed. The family’s local contacts can sometimes add magical touches to an otherwise itinerary based travel.

Wisdom of the crowd. And like we said earlier travel forums like Trip Advisor give a detailed and balanced feedback on any Homestay in Delhi that you shortlist. The reviews and ratings ensure that you ride on the wisdom of the crowd and that you do not put to risk the safety and comfort of your family.

Atithi Devo Bhavah (Guest is God). India is a country known for its friendly people and their hospitality. The average Indian believes in this adage that ‘the guest must be treated like God’.

The tourism ministry of India has also started a campaign ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’ –a nationwide campaign that aims at sensitizing key stakeholders towards tourists, through a process of training and orientation’. Most good homestay in Delhi ( listed on Trip Advisor ) will go an extra mile to customise and personalise your stay – be it offering a meal at odd hours, or helping with local sightseeing or helping you shop for local goodies and much more.

So, what are you waiting for? Next time when you plan your trip to India, apart from the hotels and packages, do give some of the Trip Advisor listed homestay in Delhi a try…

You may see India from a lens that may not be possible otherwise. The author, Manish Sinha runs a cosy homestay in Delhi NCR (Gurgaon) along with his wife. www.cinnamonstays.in is rated No.1 in Gurgaon by Trip Advisor. You can make a booking at [email protected]

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