Who uses testing equipment?

Date Added: juli 25, 2013

Author: webmayn

When I started at the university, I was very amazed by the way that people worked. In the school I went to earlier, you could write whatever you wanted, as long as you had some references to some books. In that way the teacher would know, that you have not


made it all up. But on the university it was different, everything you wrote had to be from not just a book, but from a book by a well know person like a professor or something like that. With time I learned more about this way of learning – the valid way of learning – “what you learn must come from a wise person, you can not trust everybodies word”. But how do you measure, if a professors word is strong enough to use in a paper? Sometimes I think, it would be easier if I had chosen the way of science. In that field you almost cannot discuss your result of an analysis when you work with scientific stuff like chemical testing and analysis. Here you have the machines doing some of the work, and you doing the rest, and there cannot be much doubt about the results – as there can in the field of humanities.